Our Practice Areas


Building and Construction

We offer a premium service on a diverse range of Building and Construction Law advice. The agents we use are specialists in a very broad area across building and construction. This is a niche area which must be approached carefully. 

Criminal Law

If you are accused of a criminal offence, It is important you obtain legal advice from an experienced lawyer . We understand going to court can be stressful and often embarrassing. This is an area we can help you deal with quickly and discretely.  

Commercial Litigation

Our firm provides simple advice on commercial disputes between companies or people. We aim to tackle these issues quickly and help avoid expensive litigation by negotiating with the other parties involved in the matter. 

Personal and Business Debt Recovery

If someone owes you money or has unpaid invoices, we will provide you cost effective advice to help recover money you are owed. We can also help you minimise your risk of future unpaid debts by providing effective legal advice. 

Breach of Contract Dispute

If you have entered into a contract and believe either yourself or some other party has not complied with a contract, you have a legal right to take action. 

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